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mossfield origins

A small cozy city-building-style game · By ruby0x1


Recent updates

#12 - paths and loose ends
Take the long scenic road I haven't posted in a few days cos I took a detour to do some engine tasks. I also spent time thinking over the balance mentioned in t...
#11 - QOL pass #1
Quality of life Minor update today, my partner play tested a little, since the game has been changing fast, they hadn't played in a while. There were several im...
#10 - waste + food + water
Connecting the dots Today I focused on finishing up the loose ends for the remaining producer buildings, making consumers block things, adding the waste resourc...
#9 - power buildings
Quick asset pass Today I didn't have much time to spend but I fixed some issues, connected producers and consumers to the power network so they stop working whe...
#8 - time of day
Finally some variation in screenshots I love the orange look... but I was just noticing all the dev logs stack, and my twitter feed... just orange. The good new...
#7 - power network
The power grid is green And sometimes red if something lacks power... Note I won't just be using color to distinguish states, this is just debug visualization f...
#6 - residency and power
Powered Residency From last time , I mentioned I still want to look at power, and finish the residence system. Today I did just that although I didn't spend muc...
#5 - population + more stock
Even more stock nonsense Last time I mentioned some easy tasks I wanted to do, let's see how it went: - ✔️ functional producer/consumer buildings set up -...

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